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PAMM system

InstaForex PAMM system is a trust management technology with a trader handling investors' money through the one managed account.

An affiliate program developed by InstaForex provides an opportunity to get a riskless profit through bringing investors to the PAMM system. Having attracted investors you will receive the part of profit of a managing trader if he gets dividends from the investments you invited.

If you are already the partner of InstaForex, then you do not have to register one more time as a PAMM partner. You just need to choose the PAMM project with the largest investment potential in your opinion and promote your affiliate link to it.

If you want to make your trading account affiliate, you just need to follow a simple registration process in the PAMM system section in your Client Cabinet. After that in the Monitoring section you need to activate Become an Agent option for the chosen projects.

Another feature of the PAMM partnership with InstaForex is its multifunctional use. If the client you attracted will not become an investor in the PAMM projects you represent and will start independent trading, you will receive a fixed affiliate commission anyway.

Through the monitoring of managing traders' performance you can pick out the most successful investment projects for attracting funds and look at the PAMM partner's reward for each PAMM project. InstaForex will provide its partners with widgets to be placed on third party web resources for every PAMM account chosen.

The main mechanism of attracting investors to a PAMM project is an affiliate link, which can be embedded in a variety of advertising materials: banners, widgets, etc.

The PAMM affiliate link is as follows:

https://www.instaforex.com/ro/pamm_monitoring.php?user=PAMM_TRADER'S_ACCOUNT&x=AFFILIATE CODE.

Due to the fact that the affiliate link's function is based on saving an affiliate code in so-called cookies, the investment agent is that partner, whose code is in a client browser's cookies at the moment of sending money to a PAMM project. Therefore, in order to keep investors you referred in your affiliate group, they have to follow your affiliate link.

If you want to make investors put money into several PAMM accounts at the same time, you can use different links, such as:

  • https://www.instaforex.com/ro/pamm_monitoring.php?x=AFFILIATE_CODE&trader=XXXXXXX
  • https://www.instaforex.com/ro/pamm_monitoring.php?x=AFFILIATE_CODE&trader=AAAAAAA
  • https://www.instaforex.com/ro/pamm_monitoring.php?x=AFFILIATE_CODE&trader=BBBBBBB

Where, XXXXXXX, AAAAAAA, and BBBBBBB are accounts of the PAMM traders you picked out.

Steps to get reward in the affiliate program of the PAMM system:

  • Register as a PAMM partner using one of the methods described above: making simple trading account affiliate, or opening separate affiliate account.
  • Chose the PAMM traders, to whose accounts you want to attract investors: on the Monitoring page of the main website; or choosing the option "Become an Agent" in the PAMM section of your Client Cabinet. You need to repeat this process for any PAMM account you want to attract funds to.
  • Following the registration you will get your affiliate link and widgets for each of the PAMM accounts chosen. You can use it for attracting investors to PAMM accounts.
  • Investor follows your affiliate link and decides to finance the PAMM trader, whom you are promoting. If the investment is successful, you will be able to get up to 80 percent of the trader's profit!
  • If the client you attracted starts his own trading, you will receive your affiliate commission of 1.5 pips per every InstaForex-lot.