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Investment Project

InstaForex offers unique terms for investment projects focusing on trust management. In particular, this type of partnership provides a partner with the widest possible opportunities of obtaining profit and gives the maximum possible range of instruments for attracting customers.

Within the framework of Investment Project an InstaForex partner gets affiliate commissions from the attracted funds and supplementary reward as interest form the turnover depending on the volume of attracted investments. A partner has a chance to get part of investor’s profit through trust management, having a trading account registered within PAMM system.

InstaForex offers its Investment Project partners the highest reward among all other brokers – 1.5-5.3 points. Commissions from affiliate account are paid when trading on attracted investments on an account registered within PAMM system is performed.

Let us take an example of how the partner`s profit is calculated. Acting as a PAMM trader, a partner attracted the funds of 10 investors. Each of these 10 investors provided him/her with $1,000. As a result of a profitable deal, the partner boosted the capital invested in his/her account by 20% (having closed 1,000 Instalots). PAMM trader`s reward is equal to 50%. Eventually, the profit of a partner constituted $2,500 (10*1000*0.2*0,5+1000*1.5).

Choosing an Investment Project partnership, you can rely on the official status of being a company`s partner as well as monitoring page of an investment project on the broker’s website, access to the account statistics and manager access to view them. An InstaForex partner can employ the entire range of materials to attract partners. Since a representative of Investment Project acts as both a trader and a partner at the same time, he/she can appreciate the advantages of the broker proceeding from his/her own experience which is of prior importance at making marketing decisions.

Funds security

Your Investment Project can get access to a unique service of segregated accounts offered by InstaForex. This service provides partners with new opportunities in attracting potential clients. Segregated accounts in InstaForex let hold trading operations with a deposit which is kept on a client`s bank account or on your bank account.

This means that in case of company’s bankruptcy your client is guarded against funds loss because they are kept on his account. To learn more about segregated accounts you may at description of segregated accounts page. Have you already decided to work with InstaForex? Then fill in the online registration form in order to start working with InstaForex!

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