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Relevant Links

This is a guide to the InstaForex Affiliate Programme. The guide provides the links to different pages of the affiliate section which may be helpful to both current and future InstaForex partners.

Become a Partner

Here you can register in our affiliate program.

Partner Cabinet

To log in to Partner Cabinet, enter your account number or affiliate code in the Login field and a password in the password field. The password is provided below your account number in the message sent to your email.

Affiliate link

An affiliate link is the main means of recording customers referred. Every registered partner has his own unique link. People who have followed this link and opened trading accounts with InstaForex within half a year since the link was last visited are automatically recorded as the ones referred by the link owner; thus, the partner receives commissions and other rewards.

Promotional Items

The company provides you with a variety of referral materials, such as banners of different formats, leaflets, certificates, Forex informers and branded items.

Client attraction guidance

This section is a treasure trove of valuable information on which marketing instruments are better for referring both present and future customers. You will learn how to develop your own website, promote it on the internet, and attract as many traders as possible.

Affiliate Website

InstaForex provides you with a ready-made website which is an online tool essential to promote your services and refer new customers. The website already contains comprehensive information about InstaForex and has all the features of the company’s official website. Moreover, the website is an efficient image advertising tool enabling you to earn positive reputation and improve reputation of the company.


Affliate statistics serves for effective counting of link visits which allows InstaForex partners to indicate the most efficient advertising trends. Distributing the affiliate link among different Internet resources, the company’s partners can be sure that each click on this link will be recorded and they will get a seamless access to their affiliate link analytical data.

Money deposit and withdrawal

In this section you can make financial operations - deposit or withdraw funds.

Debit Card

InstaForex provides you with InstaForex MasterCard. The prepaid debit card is a handy way to withdraw money from your trading account in any part of the world.

PAMM Accounts

The PAMM system is a unique type of collective investment to the accounts of the managing trader. Being a partner, you may join the PAMM system and either attract investors to a managing trader or invest money in him. If you register a separate trading account, you may become a managing trader.

Contact Information

The page provides contact information of InstaForex Partner Relations Department, Financial Department and Customer Support Service. Our highly qualified staff members will be glad to provide you with any assistance you need.

Representative Offices

We have more than hundred of representative offices in tens of countries worldwide. This page provides basic information about our official representative offices.

Main documents

There are key documents prescribing relations between InstaForex and a partner. Please read below documents carefully. You will learn about the essentials of cooperation with InstaForex from the official documentation. In case of questions about any clause of any agreement, feel free to contact InstaForex Partner Relations Department.

Live Communication

InstaForex is glad to communicate with every partner directly. If you have an affiliate account and look for a stable and long-term partnership, we welcome you at the company’s headquarters.

Corporate Seals

Every reliable partner may benefit from a system of internal money transfers and a corporate seal. Being that partner, you will be granted a special transfer account attached to your affiliate account to enable instant money transactions to your customers’ accounts.


The AutoRebate system may become an essential marketing tool for you as InstaForex partner. The system enables any InstaForex trader to return a part of spread on every executed order.

Partnership Agreement

We recommend you to read the Partnership Agreement before registering an affiliate account. The Agreement establishes provisions of brokerage services, rights and responsibilities of the parties, and principles of partner and referral activities.