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Master-IB and Sub-IB affiliate program

Sub Introducing Broker (Sub-IB) is a two-tier program which implies earnings directly from referring clients by a partner as well as from attracting other partners who are called sub-IBs. This program enables sub-IBs to receive commissions in full for the deals executed by their clients. Commissions equal 1.5-5.3 pips on currency pairs and 20-26 pips on Gold. Moreover, a partner who referred a sub-IB earns extra income of 0.2 pip from clients of that sub-IB.

Remarkably, a commission of a sub-IB is not divided between that sub-IB and a partner who referred them. The program’s advantage is that commissions for referred sub-IBs are paid by the company.

The statistics on the number of sub-IBs and credited rewards is available in Partner Cabinet.

New participants of the program can become your sub-IBs if they open an affiliate account following your affiliate link or fill in your affiliate code when registering an account.

Apart from the standard program of Sub-Introducing Broker, InstaForex invites efficient and successful partners to join a wider affiliate program, Master Introducing Broker (Master-IB). In addition to commissions, received from clients of their sub-IBs, partners enjoy the highest status, ensured by this kind of partnership. Here is a list of Master-IB advantages:

Besides, the company has something to offer the partners who provide forex training, trading systems, and signals:

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