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ForexCopy System

A unique service for copying trades ForexCopy allows partners to refer customers for using the system as traders and followers and receive commission for every trade.

ForexCopy System

The ForexCopy system is an innovative option of copying positions of successful traders through subscription, which gives an opportunity to earn on Forex market to beginners as well as to professional traders.

Beginning traders can subscribe to copy deals of successful traders setting the orders for automatic execution. Traders, in their turn, who allow following their trading strategies, have an opportunity to be rewarded for rendering copy services. ForexCopy traders set the commission rate for every copied trade or the daily commission for copying regardless of trading profitability or a profit share of a follower.

Partner can recommend professional traders to join ForexCopy and draw attention of potential followers to the trading of their referrals, ForexCopy traders, in order to get commission from trades of both parties. It will boost the partner's income and expand his affiliate group as well.

Educational projects can use the ForexCopy system as a presentation to give real examples of traders’ work. With the ForexCopy system beginners have a chance to examine a few profitable trading strategies that may become a foundation of their own trading system.

Signal Provider

For the partners engaged in providing Forex signals, ForexCopy may come as a new sales channel. It is necessary only to register with the system as a ForexCopy trader.

Registration with ForexCopy ensures publication of the signal provider’s work statistics in Monitoring browsed by thousands of potential followers daily.

It is quite easy to benefit from selling signals within ForexCopy: open a trading account with InstaForex, register with ForexCopy, place orders demonstrating successful application of your signals to potential followers and get rewarded for copied trades.

ForexCopy Monitoring
ForexCopy Monitoring will help you check the success of various forex traders registered with the ForexCopy system and choose those who seem the most prosperous to you. Monitoring contains yield statistics, balance and equity growth charts with adjustable timeframe enabling you to track the trading effectiveness of a chosen ForexCopy trader.