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Branded Products

We provide our partners with a great variety of brand products with InstaForex logo using which partners will be able to improve the brand recognition in their region. Therefore, brand products are useful tools for increasing a partner’s commission.

Moreover, InstaForex offers its partners a QR code, an up-to-date marketing instrument which improves efficiency of brand products. This code can be placed on any source of information: from business cards to roll-ups, thus allowing a partner to attract more new clients.

InstaForex Logos
The official InstaForex label has numerous ways of application: it can be used in advertisement, informative billboards and as a company shield at the door of your office. InstaForex logos are available in many corporate versions.
InstaForex Branded Stationery
InstaForex international broker has further expanded its branded product range: now InstaForex partners are welcome to employ new marketing tools — folders, binders, files, pads and many other products of the kind with InstaForex logo. The brand stationery perfectly conveying the corporate style of the company is a must-have for every official representative of InstaForex Company. InstaForex pads, folders, files etc. will effectively contribute to a sound and respectable image of a partner during business negotiations.
InstaForex business cards
InstaForex Company offers its partners original InstaForex business cards. The cards are of unique design; they will definitely contribute to the impression you produce at certain business talks related to the activity of InstaForex international broker.
InstaForex T-shirts
InstaForex Company constantly expands the range of its brand production adjusting to the marketing needs of its official partners. One of the most attractive items of InstaForex branded production is T-shirts with the company’s logotypes. Partners are welcome to use InstaForex T-shirts in various promotion activities and presentations.
InstaForex Umbrellas
InstaForex Company offers its partners and clients a new item of the brand products collection - umbrella with logo image. As well as any other attributes of InstaForex branded products, umbrellas can be employed in promo-campaigns, presentations, and flash mobs.
InstaForex Baseball Caps
InstaForex branded baseball caps marked with the company’s logo are designed to widen the range of InstaForex goods. Branded baseball caps and other InstaForex attributes will serve the company’s partners as another marketing tool for attracting new clients.
InstaForex Lapel Pins
InstaForex Company is glad to provide its partners with templates for the production of brand lapel pins that will add up to the toolkit of marketing instruments for client attraction. The pin attached to a jacket lapel or to a bag will remind the owner about the broker and attract attention.
InstaForex Mouse
The company offers its numerous partners a wide range of promotional products. Computer accessories are one of the most effective advertising media. Present your clients with a computer mouse with InstaForex logo and it will remind them about you and InstaForex Copmany for a long time!
InstaForex Stickers
InstaForex Company offers its clients to take advantage of another form of promotional materials – InstaForex branded stickers. It is a simple yet rather effective means of advertising. The stickers with InstaForex logo can be applied to any kind of surfaces. They are widely used in souvenirs, automobiles, promotional campaigns’ venues decoration etc.
InstaForex Key Rings
Even the smallest details matter much for the company’s image. InstaForex branded key rings is another effective yet inexpensive instrument of advertising. Key rings with InstaForex logo will be a nice element of a large-scale promotion campaign or a pleasing souvenir for partners, clients or colleagues.
InstaForex Posters
InstaForex posters are also a must-have of any official InstaForex representative. They have been designed by InstaForex team of professionals and thus perfectly mirror the corporate image of the company.
InstaForex Leaflets
InstaForex Company is glad to declare, that we expand our spectrum of tools, which can be used for clients' attraction. One of such tools is the distribution of advertising flyers (brochures). The cost of printing of the advertising flyer is not too high, but the efficiency is tangible enough.
InstaForex Roll-ups
InstaForex Company offers to its partners a new marketing instrument – roll-up. Thanks to a bright and informative roll-up, every partner will be able to make his/her office or stand more presentable at any arrangement but what is more important - to attract more potential customers.
InstaForex Wallpapers
InstaForex international broker offers a wide range of branded wallpapers created by Design Department of InstaForex Company.
InstaForex Wall Clock
InstaForex Company is glad to offer its partners the opportunity to use such marketing instrument and a souvenir as a wall clock. A wall clock by InstaForex will help to improve brand integrity, draw attention to the high status of partnership, and gain the customer.
InstaForex Loprais Team Brand
InstaForex international broker represents a brand-name production of the official participant in Dakar Rally - InstaForex Loprais Team. Being an official titular sponsor of the team, InstaForex strives to reach a completely new level of cooperation that undoubtedly advances the loyalty of potential clients.
A range of InstaForex branded products is striking, convenient and efficient advertising tool for our official partners. It is impossible to do without flyers describing services and special offers of the company during presentations and conferences. They will also provide you with extra exposure to potential customers in your office.
To ensure effective promotion and greater reach of clients, InstaForex offers its partners another type of promo products – InstaForex calendars.
Covers for Facebook
We are glad to present to all our partners special covers for Facebook with InstaForex logos. The covers are available for download on our website.